107 Call to Action Examples You Can Steal Now 

by Ceillie Clark-Keane in January 5th, 2021

Every once in a while, I notice myself hitting a writing rut. My blog posts titles have all been done before. My tagline options all sound the same. My calls to action are forgettable. My introductions get repetitive. (Too meta?)

It’s easy to fall into this rut—it’s much harder to jolt yourself out of it and bring your copy back to life.

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Your call to action is probably the most high-stakes copy you have, so you can’t afford to get stale. Nobody enjoys a boring CTA. That’s why we put together this huge list of all the best CTAs we’ve seen around—to give over 100 call to action examples that you can use and make your own whenever you need them. So read through or bookmark for later just in case, or even both.

Let’s get into it. 

What is a call to action?

A call to action is the copy that prompts users to take an immediate action. It’s a simple definition, but the stakes are incredibly high—you need your calls to action, or CTAs, to effectively direct and motivate website visitors to convert.

That means the language that you use needs to be clear and you should communicate the post-click value to your target audience. Often, these CTAs are limited by space, appearing on a button or pop-up, so being clear and compelling can be a challenge.

Here’s an example of a call to action on Unstack’s site:

cta from Unstack: "Try It Free"

On the homepage above, “Try it free” is the CTA, which appears on a pink button. We’re not going to be getting into button colors in this guide, but we’re skeptical of any one-button-color-fits-all pronouncements. A best practice is to A/B test anything, including your copy

The best call to action examples

There are common CTAs that you’ll recognize on the list below, and that’s because sometimes standard and expected is effective. There are also lots of call to action examples that surprised us with engaging language, a sense of urgency, super-specific actions, and more. So take a look and learn from these—take these examples and make them your own.

These are the best CTAs we’ve seen around the internet, broken into the relevant categories so that you can use this as a guide whenever you need CTA inspiration. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Website call to action examples
  • Ecommerce call to action examples
  • Content and blog call to action examples
  • Video call to action examples
  • Podcast call to action examples
  • Webinar and event call to action examples
  • Sales call to action examples

Now, to the CTAs.

Website call to action examples

Across your website, you should have multiple CTAs for making a purchase, signing up for an email list, exploring more of your offering, keeping in touch with your company, and, if you offer one, getting started with a free trial. Here are some good cta examples to get you started.

1. Join the Revolution

2. Join Us

cta button "Join Us"

This is a great CTA example from Boston Content—with the copy and button text, this reads more like an invitation.

3. Work With Us

4. Write a Review

5. Next

6. Open an Account Today

7. Try It

8. Tell Us How We Did

9. Start Building

10. Check 

11. Get This Dashboard for Free

cta "Get This Dashboard For Free" from Databox

This is a great example of including value in the CTA from Databox.

12. View Plans

13. Connect Your Account

14. Connect With Us

15. Find a Location Near Me

16. Follow Us

17. Get Updates

18. Explore

19. Explore Now

20. Explore Benefits

21. Join Our Village

22. See Your Options

23. Check Out the App

24. Try the App 

25. Find Out More

26. Crunch the Numbers

27. Visit Now

28. Learn How

29. Create Yours Now

30. Create My Account

31. Schedule a Visit

32. See My Results

33. Give Me More

34. Enter Now

35. Stop Wasting Time

36. Check Out Now

37. Apply Now

38. Support

39. Become a Member

40. Donate Now

41. Try It Out

cta "Try It Out" from Candlebuilders website

Website CTAs can be conversational, like this one from Candlebuilders

Ecommerce call to action examples

If your business offers ecommerce options, you’ll probably have some of the website CTAs above and more specific prompts to encourage potential customers to purchase. Use these options below to inspire better CTAs—ones that help boost conversion rates for you. 

42. Buy Now

43. Send One Instantly

44. Claim My Discount

45. Get This Limited Time Offer

46. Add to Cart

47. Checkout Now

cta "Order Now" from Jeni's

Simple, sufficient. And, since it’s Jeni’s, also delicious.

48. Treat Yourself

49. Shop New Arrivals

50. Choose Your Box

cta "Choose Your Box"

The direct address and personalization here? Well done, Mombox.

Content and blog call to action examples

Your content should be informative and provide value for your site visitors, but it should also include CTAs to generate leads for your business. Here are some calls to action that prompt reading more, returning, and interacting with content. There are also some that motivate users to subscribe to the blog or newsletter, download an ebook, and more.

51. Read More

52. Learn More

53. Use This Template

cta "Use This Template"

Canva  prompts users to get started with its product.

54. Get My Guide

55. Get the Guide

56. Keep Reading

57. Read Our Tips

58. Download Now

59. Subscribe Now

60. Subscribe to the Blog

61. See More

62. Be the First to Know

63. Submit 

64. Start Reading

65. Share This Article 

cta "Share This Article" from Intercom

Simple, effective CTA from Intercom.

66. Check It Out

67. Get Early Access

68. Claim My Free Copy

69. Get the Cheat Sheet

super-specific CTA from Hootsuite

Bonus points for getting super-specific like HootSuite.

Video call to action examples

Here’s a great reason to spend some extra time on there: A CTA that appears in a video gets 380% more clicks than sidebar CTAs. Appealing, right? Video CTAs can prompt prospects to sign up for a free trial, as well as these examples below.

70. See More

71. See How It Works 

72. Join the Movement

73. Start Sharing

Podcast call to action examples

Last year, over 155 million people listened to podcasts weekly. That’s a ton of listeners. Even better, they’re committed—over 80% listen to the whole podcast episode or most of it. If your company has a podcast, make sure you’re including effective CTAs that direct users to listen.

74. Listen Now

75. Subscribe to the Podcast

76. Don’t Miss an Episode

77. Add to Playlist

78. Catch Up Now

79. New Episodes

Webinar and event call to action examples

If you’re hosting a webinar or a marketing event, then you want to make sure you’re prompting the specific action you want: registration. 

80. I Want In

81. I’m In

82. Count Me In

83. Save My Seat

84. Reserve My Spot

85. Add Me to the List

86. Join Now

87. Get the Details

Sales call to action examples

A CTA that makes the sale is probably the most important of all. But not every sales cycle supports a simple “buy now.” Instead, you might prompt a free trial, an installation, a demo. Check out these call to action examples below to jumpstart your brainstorm.

88. Get Started

89. Start Free Trial

90. Help Me

91. Schedule a Call

92. Schedule a Demo

93. Start Your Free Trial Now

94. Install Now

95. Sign Up

96. Sign Up Now

97. See a Demo

cta "See a Demo" Square

Using “see” in this CTA makes it clear that you won’t be talking directly to a sales rep—much softer.

98. Order Now

99. Contact Us

100. Request a Demo

101. Upgrade and Save

102. Upgrade My Team

103. Speak to an Expert

cta "speak to an expert" from klaviyo

This CTA in action on Klaviyo’s website.

104. Compare Plans

105. Contact Sales

106. Let’s Talk

107. Get in Touch

Don’t settle on CTAs—steal these call to action examples 

Your calls to action are too important to get boring. And why even go there when you have plenty of options to switch it up and see what works?

Take these call to action examples above and make them your own in your marketing campaigns. Promote your podcast. Add specifics to prompt your content downloads. Include a discount in your ad CTA to motivate a sale and capture an email. It’s not exactly stealing that way—just consider this a resource to get you inspired and get you started!

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