How to Use Owned Data to Scale Ecommerce Marketing

by Carter Deken September 15th, 2021

This Week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Andrew Bialecki, CEO of Klaviyo about how you can use owned data to successfully scale eCommerce marketing.

Andrew created Klaviyo with his co-founder back in 2012 with the goal of wanting to give customers a way to track customers in their own personalized way, and make it very scalable.

He goes on to talk about how historically retail has been very transactional and anonymous to this new digital age with the internet, where tools are available to help collect information on what kinds of people are actually visiting your website.

Andrew mentions that there are types of ways that you can create an on-ramp to building new customer relationships. One of the ways is creating exciting and engaging content that will attract new and existing customers.

Instead of worrying about ad costs, worry more about how you can make customer relationships better. If you make your current customers into super fans of what you are making they will most likely tell people they know about it which will lower customer acquisition costs.

Look at your business and decide whether or not you are more relationship based or transactional.

Listen to this weeks podcast on Apple or Spotify to hear more of Andrews wisdom on relationship based marketing, and strategies he uses to shift away from being a transactional business.

Check out Klaviyo and connect with Andrew on LinkedIn!

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