What Do Investors Look For In a Startup?

by Carter Deken March 17th, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Ralph Folz, an experienced entrepreneur, board director, and startup investor based in Boston. Ralph shares his journey, why he's passionate about working with startups, and what he looks for when he's investing in companies.

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After studying software engineering in college and starting his career working for a big company in Boston, Ralph started working for his first startup. He discovered that he was in love with the idea of seeing immediate impact for projects he was working on, and he learned how to take risks. This gave him the courage to start his own startup company Molecular.

He built Molecular around his passion of distance learning, building software where you could take college courses that broke the geographic bounds. With the introductory of the internet, he built Molecular to become one of the first web-based consultancies.

After working for the parent company that bought Molecular, Ralph missed working on startups and wanted to focus on transitioning from the cons of services to creating a SAAS product. Since he wasn't interested in building a company from ground zero, becoming an angel investor for startups was a great middle ground where he could be involved in what he loved again.

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Connect with Ralph on LinkedIn, find him on Twitter.

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