The Power of Social Proof in eCommerce Marketing 

by Cassandra Highbridge November 17th, 2021


This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Albert Matheny, CEO at Promix. Creating a natural supplements nutrition brand was a natural evolution for Albert.

He has been an athlete his entire life and has a keen understanding of the importance of nutrition in producing the best and most tangible results. Albert shares how he bootstraps his company and remains at the forefront in developing his brand and the products they offer.

Albert admits that the brand was not able to leverage digital marketing channels like Facebook ads early, but he also shares the phenomenal growth they experienced in Amazon several years ago.    

He breaks down their go to market strategy and the success they've had with athletes acting as social proof for their brand. He and his brand also focus on education to instill in customers the knowledge of what to buy and for what purpose, mostly through social media.



00:46 An awareness of the impact of nutrition as a college athlete

03:47 Promix: Bootstrapping the company and leading on the ground  

07:11 Focusing on sustainability and growing the brand with Amazon

13:02 Going to market and providing PR with athletes for brand awareness 

16:43 Relationship building to create trust and repeat buyers

22:10 Sharing education and choosing content (blogs vs Tiktok) on social

27:55 Connect with Anthony


07:20 "I'm really good at taking a lot of things 80% of the way. So I know what I want and I can create kind of a rough sketch. Figma is a program I use a lot for just laying things out." 

08:33 "I didn't want to make a product for the 1%, you know, like what's the point? The people that can pay a zillion dollars or something, they already have access to everything and all that."

12:05 "If you have a great product, try to find someone that knows how to speak your message to people. Because if you're a great product that you don't know how to get out there, it's not going to go anywhere."

19:54 "You have people that make a good initial contact but like how do they finish the journey? And you just kind of lose people along the way organically, that's just what happens, but you need to address kind of all those things."

27:31 "Social, I think, is important across any type of brand and any type of product, but your purpose on there may not actually be conversion. It may just be awareness, and it may be that they need to deep diver deeper and go to your site and then you're in a whole different experience versus probably that lower price point product."

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