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How to Create a Landing Page that Converts the Best

by Christopher Jan Benitez

Want to know an indispensable way of optimizing your website to drive traffic and increase conversions? Well then, all you need is to create a landing page!

It’s no secret, though, that the task isn’t always easy. And somewhere along the creative process, you can get lost and overwhelmed that you might want to just let a web designer handle it for you. After all, creating landing pages is one of the top five challenges that every marketer faces.

So in this article, let’s walk through the process on how to create a landing page that converts the best. This way, you can create killer landing pages even if you’re no expert in design.

What Is a Landing Page for a Website?

A landing page is a webpage created mainly to help with marketing campaigns. Because it is designed to encourage your visitors to take action, it features a CTA (Call-to-Action). Thus, having one is essential in building a conversion path that turns visitors into customers.  

To elaborate on this, here are the things a landing page can do for your business.

1. Capture leads

Marketers can capture leads much faster if they send visitors to a dedicated landing page instead of the homepage. So if you want an effective approach to reeling people in, creating a landing page is the answer.

2. Collect information and demographics

The trick is to set your landing page to gather contact information and demographics of your visitors. And once you have the details you need, you can study your visitors and segment them effectively.

3. Get rid of distractions

Sending visitors to your landing page clarifies what specific action you want them to perform on your site. But you couldn’t say the same if you send them to your homepage, with distractions like site authors or site navigation.

4. Encourage visitors to take action

Many people are indecisive and if you don’t help them make a decision, they’re not about to do it. So let your landing page’s CTA give them the push they need to make up their minds.

5. Allow for monitoring and improving performance

It lets you take your site’s performance to another level. Remember, you can conduct A/B testing and create variations of landing page elements to determine which converts the best.

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

After getting hold of the importance of landing pages, it’s understandable why you can’t wait to get one up and running. Well, that’s good. However, you should know that building a landing page is one thing. And building a landing page that actually converts is another.

So if you want a landing page that works, then do some digging before you hustle. Find out the characteristics that make a great landing page.

Irresistible Headline

“The easy, affordable 401(k) for small businesses.”

guideline homepage headline

That’s the headline of a 401(k) provider for small businesses. It’s a good headline because it conveys the message clearly. When visitors come across this statement, chances are, they won’t mistake its message for something else.

It says it right off the bat and leaves no room for confusion: Easy and affordable 401(k) for small businesses. So if you’re running a small business who’s after a 401(k) that’s easy and affordable, it’s where you can get it.

This example, by the way, is from Guideline. It’s a company that provides retirement plans for advisors and accountants.

So if you want to create a great landing page, why not gear it up with a headline as good as that? Be sure to craft your headline by clearly stating your product or service.

Supporting Subheads

Your headline may be irresistible. But building a landing page that converts means adding subheads, too. They’ll support your headline and make it more effective.

With a headline that’s short and concise, you’re heading in the right direction. Sadly, though, its briefness could work both ways. While it can make things clear, you can also say the same about how it can make things vague for your readers. 

That’s why something that complements your headline should come to the rescue. Simply put, you also need to include additional information to explain what you’re getting at. And to do that, you should use subheads.

Let’s turn to Slack for winning examples of how subheads make headlines reach higher ground. So drop by its website.

Practically everywhere you look at its homepage, you’ll see headlines. And these headlines are all backed by a subhead that provides relevant information.

To cite one, check out the headline in its above-the-fold section: “Messaging that brings your team together”

slack supporting subheading

And this statement is backed by a short explanation of how messaging can bring teams together. So do you notice how clearer and more powerful it is after reading the subhead?

Direct and Easy-to-Read Text

Let’s be realistic. You wouldn’t get on a bus that doesn’t say where it’s headed, right? For all you know, he’s just about to drive you in circles and get you nowhere. 

Well, that’s also how it is with your website. Your visitors don’t want you to drive them in circles. If they’re having trouble understanding your landing page’s content, they’re less likely to perform an action.

So avoid doing that. Instead, let your visitors feel confident about what they can do on your site. And the way to do that is to present them with nothing but direct and easy-to-read text. 

An example is H.Bloom. Its landing page offers a sign-up form that’s just like any other sign-up form.

h bloom landing page

The catch is, it details what will happen if you use that sign-up form. Now, not a lot of companies do that. And other than providing details for its sign-up form,  you’ll find information on how its operations work, too.

h bloom how it works section

Indisputable Solution to Customer Problem

Did you know humans are wired to stay away from pain?

So if you want to create a great landing page, be sure to acknowledge your visitors’ pain points. Assure them that you can hear what they’re saying.

On top of that, let them know that you’re worth hearing out, too. To make this happen, you need to provide an indisputable solution to their problem.

The psychology behind it is simple. If you can make your visitors think about their pain, they’ll also be looking at you to help them find relief from that pain. 

Muzzle gets this. It’s a Mac app that silences notifications. 

Its landing page is a marvel because it offers an easy answer to a customer’s problem. And the evidence you need can be yours just by visiting its website.

muzzle unique selling point

In the upper right area, you’ll be welcomed by an animation that perfectly shows how distracting notifications can be. And to its left, you’ll find the solution to this problem: Download the product.

Compelling Visual Content

Teambit features an illustration-heavy landing page. And it’s an impressive example of using compelling visual content! 

Its short and sweet message gives way to an office of lovable animals that are all pleased with Teambit’s operations. The above-the-fold section comes with a simple sign-up form. And below are statements about Teambit that make it stand out from traditional people processes.

teambit visual content

So if you want to create a landing page that also stands out, the technique is to follow Teambit’s lead. After all, not every person out there likes to stay on a site without any amusement to offer.

This works wonders even for social media networks. For one, Facebook posts with images get 104% more comments

Compared to text alone, adding visually-appealing elements to your page is more effective. It makes you likable and worth paying attention to. And more than stealing attention, images can entertain your visitors. 

Undeniable CTA

The main purpose of landing pages is to encourage visitors to take action. And this purpose should be unmistakable to them.

Want them to subscribe to your email list? Click a link? Buy a product? It’s up to you, really! Regardless of the specific action you want them to take, your landing page should have a CTA that helps them clearly understand what you want them to do.

A fine example is the landing page of Nauto, a platform for self-driving cars. You see, what it does is cater to companies who oversee fleets of self-driving cars and make these companies feel safe about self-driving cars. 

So Nauto compiled an e-book containing useful safety information. And its CTA is all about asking people to take home this e-book.

nauto ebook cta

A visit to this landing page will make you see why its campaign is a success. It had two well-designed buttons that asked visitors to download the e-book. Plus, it filled its landing page with relevant facts and statistics.

Clear Separation of Content Sections

Remember, your landing page should always offer clarity and not confusion. So be straightforward when giving statements. Avoid reeling in too many subjects to focus on the most important ones.

Then again, this doesn’t mean you have to cut the cord on other relevant information. They may be less important but if they’re relevant to the main point of your landing page, don’t leave them out. Otherwise, you’ll be decreasing its value.

So how do you include many subjects on your landing page without confusing your readers, you ask? By providing visual separation when you present them!

That’s another ingredient of a great landing page. It’s about clearly separating content sections. This way, users won’t feel overwhelmed during their stay.

Wistia, a company that supports brands with its creative content, is worth looking up to in this department. Its landing page couldn’t be more clear in its message: It wants to accommodate visitors who want to create an account. That’s why its sign-up form is etched on the upper section. And if you scroll down, you’ll find a section with answers to FAQs.

wistia signup
wistia faq

Great Use of Colors

The choices of colors you use for your landing page are totally up to you. The matter is subjective so feel free to choose the ones you like.

Most people dislike putting orange next to green. But go ahead if that’s what you want. 

On the flip side, ignoring the fact that colors evoke emotion isn’t a smart move. After all, you’re not the only one in the picture. If you go with colors that your visitors don’t like, do you think they’d want to be your customers?

No, they wouldn’t. So let’s look at how Industrial Strength Marketing pulls off a win with colors. 

If you head to its website, you’ll see that it used a combination of black, red, and white to emphasize its main points. This set not only makes text readable. It also shows urgency and fierceness.

industrial strength marketing landing page

How to Create a Landing Page Using Unstack

Unstack is a tool that will kick things off for you. It can help you create a great landing landing page from scratch. It will also make the whole task easier!

With this tool, you don’t have to worry about hiring a designer to get the job done. That will just cost extra. You can do it by yourself even if you’re not a pro when it comes to design. 

All you need is to sign up for an account. And after you log in to your account, you can get started. Here’s a walkthrough of the process:

First, select Landing pages on the left side of the dashboard. 

unstack landing page option

Next, create a page by clicking the plus sign. Then choose between a blank page and some templates. 

Because you’ll be whipping up a page from scratch, load a Blank page. If you want to use some Templates, you can go with that option, too.

unstack add page

From there, you’ll be directed to a page builder where you can get the ball rolling on your page. You can add a logo, texts, and a form.

unstack building a landing page

If you hover your mouse on the top, a toolbar will drop down. This way, you can have more options for customizing the sections of your landing page.

publishing an unstack landing page

And once you’re done, just click Publish page.

Before you publish your page, don’t forget to specify a title, URL, and short description. You can do this under the Page settings window, which will appear once you click the Publish page button.

meta tags for unstack landing page


Remember not to let the task of creating landing pages stress you out. Sure, you need it to drive traffic to your website and help you raise conversions. So naturally, you can only make this happen if you create a great landing page. And as mentioned above, there is no single fix for this because of the many factors that come into play.

If you look at things only from that angle, it’s understandable that you find it overwhelming. But back away for a second. And think of how it can also be made simple with readily available page builders and other tools.

So don’t worry too much about it. You just have to gear up!

To start creating a landing page that converts the best, one tool you can use is Unstack. it integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can sign up for a free trial to see how things go.