The 5 Best SaaS Websites We've Seen in 2020

by Zachary Rego August 20th, 2020

We've said it before: We spend a lot of time looking at SaaS websites in order to keep up with industry trends and anticipate what CMS capabilities startup founders or marketers might need. Last year, we rounded up our favorite B2B SaaS websites to nail down some trends and share them with you. With so many changes this year, we knew we needed an update.

Here are the five best SaaS websites we've seen in 2020—plus how you can learn from these to make your own website even better. 

Before we jump into the websites, let's talk trends. Here are the key trends that Grant identified last year.

  1. Putting "you" at the center of it all. All but one of the examples use personal language to connect the pain point with the user directly.
  2. Asking for email vs. booking a demo. It's expensive to drive eyeballs to your business. Getting a user's email gives you the chance to educate and nurture even if they abandon.
  3. Humans are out, illustrations are in. The vast majority of companies are opting for illustrations, with the exception of Drift, which is split testing photos of their employees to see who performs best.
  4. Lots of social proof. Every single website is using some form of social proof to credentialize themselves and build trust with users.

So what's changed? Lots. Here are the four most important trends you need to know:

  1. More complex designs. Some of our favorite simple designs have added quite a bit to their web design (we are looking at you Slack). 
  2. Product images and animations.  These are starting to supplant illustrations. Humans are potentially making a comeback. Drift still uses humans (My friend Sam's still not featured. Sorry, Sam.) as well as a few of our top sites in 2020. 
  3. Customer logos as social proof. The emphasis on social proof has stayed consistent. This year, customer logos seemed to be the most important form of building trust. If they have worked with Amazon or Google we know! 
  4. Integrations are front page news. Every site I reviewed highlights their integrations or API on the homepage. 

If you're looking for ways to improve your website performance, these trends are worth a try. Here are some great examples of these trends used effectively.

Our favorite SaaS websites of 2020

Now, just to be clear, these aren't our top picks because they're the prettiest (though they're mostly very pretty) or the sleekest (but they are sleek; again, looking at Slack). These are the best SaaS website of 2020 because they're well-designed, effective marketing tools for these businesses that made me want to convert. Let's dive in and talk about why they're so compelling.

1. Stripe

Stripe website -  perfect blend of design and function

Stripe has created the perfect blend of design and function. Immediately we know what they do (payment infrastructure), who they do it for (online businesses), and how they do it (web and mobile app). What I really love about the site is that it consistently highlights the product with real product images, not just cartoons. 

P.S. They worked with Amazon & Google 

P.P.S. Their CTAs are a little too small and lack color, but the product showcase and design makes up for it. 

2. Monday website - product featured

Monday hits a few of the changes we see happening in 2020 while carrying over some of the 2019 best practices. The product is featured, humans are used, and social proof is present. Their call to action is bold and consistent across the page. If you click it you are presented with the illusion that you are in the product. A fantastic tactic that actually got me to complete the sign-up process. We might be stealing this. sign up process

3. Zenefits

Zenefits B2B Website

Zenefits has nailed their B2B website in 2020. CMO Kevin Marasco shared just how successful it's been on LinkedIn:

"Since launching the new site, homepage conversion rate is up ⬆️ 141% and trial signups ⬆️ 308%. :)"

I needed to include the Smiley Face because that even makes me happy. This site uses a lot of the trends we are seeing, but the animations drawing visitors attention to each product shot in incredible (already sent to our product team). Please take some time to scroll thru the page (Sorry Kevin conversion rates might drop slightly due to the traffic coming by to admire the page). 


Grow - Our Boldest Site of the Year

Grow is our boldest site of the year, and I am here for it. Buzzwords have taken over and Grow gets to the point. They help businesses "GET ANSWERS, NOW." Then they get into the buzzwords. Their product animations are second to none showing just how simple their product makes organizing and visualizing data. For social proof, they leveraged customer logos (not Google and Amazon) and badges from top review sites, which was not used by Stripe or Monday but always recommended.

5. Compt

Compt Website - Uses Social Proof

Compt makes an appearance this year and full disclosure they are a customer of Unstack's. I just started here, and their site is one of the reasons I was so excited about our product. They immediately highlight that they are for employees (humans again!) and what employers have used them (social proof). The product is featured but very clearly secondary to the employees and employers their product supports.

Looking for more ways to improve your SaaS website?

A website is so important for a SaaS company, and it's made up of so many components: CRO, SEO, content, and design. If you're looking for more ways to improve your website, check out these resources:



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